Not your average agency

We’re the pearl in your clam. We’re the ketchup on your soy sausage. We’re the dot over the “å”. We’re the treasure at the end of the rainbow. We’re the ones that will make you become the rock star you deserve to be.

Why Would Anyone Care?

It’s no coincidence that we’ve engaged over a billion people. With passion as our foundation, the craftsmanship in place and a great respect for the media landscape of today, we start off with a simple question.

The ODDs

We’re a small, agile team with a huge network of the very best creators in the field. Kind of like if David and Goliath had a baby instead of starting a fight.

Adam Mikkelsen

Strategist / Founder
+46 735 311 228

Eric Calderon

Creative Director / Founder
+46 737 845 863

We believe…

1. In doing it with passion. Or not at all.

2. That everyone is born creative.

3. That society tells you otherwise.

4. In being playful and having fun.

5. In product development as a conversation starter.

6. In duct tape.

7. In emotions over messages.

8. In earning people’s limited attention.

9. In getting inspired from the start-up world.

10. In being genuine and authentic.

11. In collaboration within the industry.


The lab is our creative playground. It’s a place that allow us to constantly fine-tune our recipe by trying out any non-client idea that comes to mind. It’s our proof that we’re more than theoretical marketing experts. 

So far, our lab projects has resulted in products with millions in sales and taken us all the way to Stephen Colbert Show. And we’re just getting started.

The orbeez gun is a brand-new type of toy gun. It fires orbeez balls or gel pellets rather than water or paintballs. In function and performance design, the Orbeez blaster is very similar to an airsoft gun, but the muzzle initial speed is relatively lower, making it safer and more suitable for use as a toy.

The Workshop

How to get paid for playing

Workshop with TUI at Yasuragi.

At ODD we do both lectures and workshops. As it can get a bit tiresome to only talk about our own awesomeness, we do prefer to do the full workshop where there’s plenty of time to focus on you and your brand. Expect to learn all of our juicy business tactics and how great ideas can be generated. And recognised.

Expect to learn what to do and what to absolutely not do. Expect to release your inner creative child and strengthen your team. Expect to leave inspired with plenty of new ideas, wondering if you even need an agency.

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