The Penis Poster

Don't be a penis poster. Get The Penis Poster.

Men love their penises. That’s a fact, and we get it. Everyone should love themselves and their body. It’s our fundamental right. However, out of this self love has arisen a less welcome phenomenon known as ”dick pics”.

Men’s penile pride has led to a seemingly uncontrollable need to have their penises on display. Consequently, many social media users (including our co-workers) have been the unsuspecting recipients of these unwanted dick pics in their inboxes. The sending of unsolicited dick pics needs to stop.

While The Penis Poster is far from a solution for gender equality, it might be a tiny contribution in the right direction. If you can’t beat them, mock them.

All proceeds went to charity and every buyer was required to sign a ”no more dick pics” contract.

LA Times

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